Review Request: include KolorManager in kdegraphics

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-dev at
Wed Mar 14 21:30:55 GMT 2012

> I know basically nothing about color management systems.

> Don't some applications needs some kind of interface to use the color
> management system ?
> Or is it only for setting up X, the printer, Wayland, etc.
> In the first case, if applications (e.g. krita) need some way to work with the
> color management system, wouldn't it be good if KDE provided one interface on
> all platforms ?

Applications need a CMM, lcms2, AngryCMS, those libraries do the color correction,
the application has just to know 2 things*: Which profile the whole screen is using,
and which profiles are available that it could use. With this information it calls
what is best lcms2 or AngryCMS, be it on Windows/OSX... now imagine if
you are on Windows and there something conflicting there, which stack will
you trust the native one or a third part software?

*basically before someone kills me...

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