Review Request: include KolorManager in kdegraphics

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at
Wed Mar 14 15:48:27 GMT 2012

Am 14.03.12, 15:54 +0100 schrieb Matthias Klumpp:
> Hi!
> Colord - just to mention that - is also not a GNOME project, it's a
> FreeDesktop project. (Doesn't mean it's "standard", but does mean that
> it's not GNOME) So everyone is free to contribute to it, and the
> maintainer is interested in collaborating with KDE. (which he already
> does very nicely)
> There's one thing about Oryanos I'd like to mention: I wanted to find
> out why Oryanos is not packaged yet on many distributions. Reasons are
> the strange build system it uses (looks like a custom thing to me),

That is correct. I would appreciate any help to get that cleared, as some 
packagers mentioned it to me. One offerd already a helping hand and 
started converting libXcm, which is now autotooled. Oyranos might go 
better cmakified.

> which makes it difficult to build it on multiple architectures. It

Which on did not work? The recent released stack compiles on i586, 
xf86_64, armv7l, osX and win32, the later being not yet very functional.

> also has dependencies like Elektra, which looks dead to the public.
> (But is still developed, as it's maintainer says) Oryanos requires a

Please Oyranos, like my nick, which is oy ;-)

> special version of Elektra packaged. There's also some other stuff

Where do you get that information from? Oyranos build fine with the 
last released Elektra version. For easy of build it is included in the 
source tar ball. Sorry for repeating that.

> going on which needs to be clearified before Oryanos can be shipped in
> distributions easily. It also has some legacy stuff, like Compiz
> plugins - a KWin plugin would be better for KDE, IMHO ;-)

That is a different topic. But basically I agree. It is maybe for an other 

> On the other hand, colord has a clean codebase, less dependencies and
> it "just works" for GNOME. Although I don't have experience in color
> management, seeing the younger project replacing the older one so fast
> shows me that colord at least provides enough and well-working
> functionality for color management on Linux.
> Therefore, it might be a good thing for KDE to choose it.
> (Maybe do some tests with it first)
> I also want to point you to this comparison colord against Oryanos:
> =>

Matthias, you help spreading false assertions here.

> Maybe also interesting, this comment of the Oryanos maintainer
> (regarding the FAQ):
> =>

> Kind regards,
>    Matthias Klumpp

kind regards
Kai-Uwe Behrmann
developing for colour management +

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