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Ivan Cukic ivan.cukic at
Thu Jun 28 09:14:03 BST 2012

> how would nullptr be useful with a macro-based switch? I actually want to do
> a sed s/NULL/nullptr/g on the complete code base. And I hope everyone can
> understand that :-)

Well, nullptr is a compile time check, right (like explicit override)? So, you 
compile your code with a compiler that supports it, making your code safe in 
that aspect, while someone could still compile the code with an older 

It doesn't help in the cases where there is an ambigous resolution int vs ptr, 
but it can be done if needed. [1]

> What about freebsd? Personally I am not willing to support that platform 
> anymore if it would mean that we have to restrict ourself to an outdated gcc 

They are moving towards clang 3.1 for FreeBSD 10. So, I don't see them as a 
problem in this case - they should become compliant in the version that will 
ship 4.10.



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