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Thu Jun 21 21:14:14 BST 2012

Hello everyone,

I am developing a plasmoid called Workflow, the project's webpage can be 
found here:

I'd love to have your feedback, as I have a deadline in my head for the 
first version
mid-of September. The pieces are starting to get into place, it's almost 
usable right now
but until now I have faced the following issues, I am developing it in 
KDE 4.8.4 at opensuse

1) I am using the following code to remove an activity:

void ActivityManager::remove(QString id) {

     Plasma::Service *service = plasmaActEngine->serviceForSource(id);
     KConfigGroup op = service->operationDescription("remove");
     op.writeEntry("Id", id);
     Plasma::ServiceJob *job = service->startOperationCall(op);
     connect(job, SIGNAL(finished(KJob*)), service, SLOT(deleteLater()));


plasmaActEngine is org.kde.activities,
the behavior is that the activity is not removed from the dataengine, 
there is a ghost activity
in the dataengine that doesnt have some fields, name, icon etc...
In order for someone to delete it completely the user must use the 
ActivityManager or make
a logout/login

2) The plasmoid is developed as a PopupApplet in order to be able to be 
placed in a panel,
I have tried many things but I can not restore the plasmoid in its 
previous used size after a logout/login,
the popupapplet changes the DialogWidth,DialogHeight properties 
correctly in the plasmoids settings
but after a logout/login the plasmoid remains in its default size.

3) I have tried to find a way to clone an activity through the plasmoid 
but I did not have any success.
I have seen that the ActivitiesEngine, in plasma/desktop/shell, is using 
class PlasmaApp for most of the
operations and not the dataengine, Is there a way to use PlasmaApp also? 
or in the future cloning an activity
is going to be supported through the dataengine?

Thanks a lot everyone,
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