Proposed adjustments to our release cycles

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at
Tue Jun 19 12:10:05 BST 2012

On Sunday, June 17, 2012 03:44:04 Inge Wallin wrote:
> As far as I could understand from the above the main ideas are:
>  - Splitting the SC into 3 parts
>  - Shortening the release cycles significantly.

Only the first one is subject of this proposal.

The length of the release cycles is an independent discussion, which will 
should have afterwards. So it's related, but not proposed to change right now. 

At least from Plasma side, it takes a bit of figuring out a good rythm for the 
team, likewise for Frameworks: we're not in a good phase to talk about length 
of release cycles here as their both going through bigger transitions.

For apps, I could well imagine shorter cycles, as they are less interdependent 
than the other two.

What I'd like us to achieve with this proposal is to figure out the 
implications of moving into this direction. Maybe it's a really bad idea, 
maybe it makes sense -- we can only decide that if we have views from 
different sides on the table.
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