Default file manager and folder associations

Mark markg85 at
Mon Jun 18 14:39:14 BST 2012

On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 3:15 PM, Mark <markg85 at> wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 10:45 PM, Thomas Lübking
> <thomas.luebking at> wrote:
>> Am 17.06.2012, 22:18 Uhr, schrieb Jacopo De Simoi <wilderkde at>:
>>> so in the end I agree with you that the crucial issue is the misleading
>>> caption of the checkbox in the “open with…” dialog.
>>> Who is the right person to discuss with?
>> it's not like i didn't have to look it up myself (
>> Pino seems to have touched it last, more i do not know either - just write a
>> patch ;-)
>> Cheers,
>> Thomas
> So, i did some deeper digging into this. Quite interesting results to
> say the least :)
> In the file: kio/kfile/kopenwithdialog.cpp line 779 you can find:
>  apps.prepend(serviceId); // make it the preferred app
> Yes, even with that comment behind it.
> A git blame turns out that David is the one to "blame" for that one:
> 5bf58ae2 kio/kfile/kopenwithdialog.cpp (David Faure         2008-02-29
> 21:12:14 +0000 779)     apps.prepend(serviceId); // make it the
> preferred app
> Perhaps David can shed some light on this little issue?
> I'm guessing the following would be the best solution:
> - Add a chechbox that becomes tickable when you tick "Remember ....".
> The added checkbox should say something like: "Make default"
> - By default (so when the "Make default" is not checked) it should
> append the item to the list, not prepend.
> Just my 5 cents :)

I discussed this with David in IRC.
The intention was:
"if you want kde to "remember openoffice for text files", that means
"use openoffice next time I click on a text file" (i.e. make it

So the intention with it's current behavior is as it should be. The
text could be more descriptive as in "Remember and use as default" (or
something alike). This won't be changed in KDE 4.9 specially since you
can already change the file associations in System Settings if
desired. The string name might be changed for KDE 5 to state more
clearly what it's doing.


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