Qt Contributors Summit

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Sun Jun 17 13:19:37 BST 2012


We have the Qt Contributors Summit coming next week and I thought we might 
want to try co-ordinate our efforts there like we did last year.

I've created a new page at http://community.kde.org/KDE_at_QCS/QCS_2012 for 
KDE attendees to put down their details and any issues they want to see 
discussed.  Feel free to also reply here if there's anything you want raised.

Obviously a big topic will be the future in light of Nokia's recent 
announcements, but please try not to let this thread get caught up in all 
that, we can only wait and see.

It's short notice, but do we want to meet up again on Wednesday evening for 
dinner to discuss plans?  I realise it's short notice but I'm sure we can find 
somewhere, any suggestions Berliners?  Non-attendees more than welcome too.



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