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Laszlo Papp lpapp at
Wed Jul 25 06:10:21 BST 2012

> I'd like to clarify that all of the points mentioned in this mail
> concern libkdegames (and compilation thereof on Windows) and not picmi
> in particular, therefore I'm forwarding this to kde-games-devel.

Just to clarify this: the kdegames stack is broken on Windows, and I
have not continued the investigation about picmi until that is fixed.
I would not like to see something integrated where the whole stack is
broken on Windows from the ground up (sorry for sounding blunt but
Windows should not really be considered as something unimportnat for
KDE in my opinion). It is not just a runtime issue, but does not even
compile ...

I have pushed the fixes to trunk as I mentioned on the kde-games-devel
mailing list. Feel free to back port the build fixes to 4.9 for
instance. I do not have time for going through the policies for that
to do myself.

About picmi:

1) The makefile is a non-crossplatform specific file in the project
root. I do not see much value in that file to be honest since it is
practically a file to avoid a simple alias? I would like to get that
either removed (my preference) or make cross-platform. NMake or
preferrably Jom is used on Windows, but you would need to sort out the
Mac compiler there and the like. I do not think it is worth it in
comparison with the additional maintainance.

2) find_package(LibKDEGames REQUIRED) -> Broken on Windows. I have
made a local alering to KDEGames, but I am unsure if that is the real
fix. My arch box seems to install LibKDEGames.cmake, so probably not.
Please unbreak this.

3) Do not use gcc specific compilation options, like /extra please. I
do not see the real need for that, but if you desperately need that,
use conditions...

4) C:\Projects\picmi\src/settings.h(30) : fatal error C1083: Cannot
open include file: 'kgamedifficulty.h': No such file or directory ->
Something is wrong around the private libkdegames topic.

This is the point where I have given up the further investigation for
now. I will continue the help once you fix these essential build
issues. :-)

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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