RFC: Moving KWallet Password dialog into Plasma

David Faure faure at kde.org
Fri Jul 20 17:44:25 BST 2012

On Friday 20 July 2012 17:58:04 Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> Hi all,
> the problems around review request #105628 and getting KWallet's Password
> dialog properly raised above the window it is asking the password for just
> triggered a thought process.
> The main problem here is that $service ask for a password through
> $otherservice. This utterly fails because the $service is not linked
> directly to a window which the window manager would need to properly stack
> the window.
> Now if we think about it in most cases $service is actually a "system"
> service which can be considered belonging to the workspace. E.g. checking
> for mail, logging into your telepathy account and so on.
> Providing a password safe and asking for the master password is also a
> "system" service and should belong into the workspace.
> So here my idea: let's move the password dialog into the desktop shell. Have
> it as a so-called "persistent" notification popping out of the panel and be
> shown on top of all other windows till the user either dismisses it or
> enters the password.

Sounds good. The current standalone dialog has to be kept though, as fallback 
for the case of running an application outside of the KDE Workspace.

This is pretty much like KJob progress notifications. When plasma is running, 
it provides a dbus interface that handles that. When it's not running, the 
code shows its own dialog directly.
("the code" is kdelibs for job progress, but would be kwalletd in the case of 
the wallet)

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