Review Request: Port K_GLOBAL_STATIC in kdecore to Q_GLOBAL_STATIC

Albert Astals Cid tsdgeos at
Wed Jul 18 00:24:45 BST 2012

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Review request for kdelibs and David Faure.


There's two i didn't do because use isDestroyed and David suggested that'll get into 5.1

In ktimezone i removed the &* which i guess might be needed before but not now what we get a pointer directly

There's more in kdelibs but i just wanted a first review on this to make sure i'm not doing something totally wrong and thus have to redo something.


  kdecore/date/kdatetime.cpp 9d01afb 
  kdecore/date/ksystemtimezone.cpp 770e8c8 
  kdecore/date/ktimezone.cpp 66279a8 
  kdecore/io/kdebug.cpp 528a68a 
  kdecore/kernel/ktoolinvocation.h ad669fd 
  kdecore/kernel/ktoolinvocation.cpp af0cecb 
  kdecore/localization/klocalizedstring.cpp 333ea37 
  kdecore/services/kmimetypefactory.cpp 8e42169 
  kdecore/services/kmimetypetrader.h 4267c19 
  kdecore/services/kmimetypetrader.cpp bf2274e 
  kdecore/services/kservicefactory.cpp 7265ca9 
  kdecore/services/kservicegroupfactory.cpp 79001dd 
  kdecore/services/kservicetypefactory.cpp 490a05f 
  kdecore/services/kservicetypeprofile.cpp 0629a8c 
  kdecore/services/kservicetypetrader.h f403e9d 
  kdecore/services/kservicetypetrader.cpp ac6c0d9 
  kdecore/sycoca/ksycoca.cpp 5b91377 





Albert Astals Cid

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