Does KDE Desktop want a full-width mouse/pointer Button State mask?

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Wed Jul 11 18:23:06 BST 2012

On Wednesday 11 July 2012 10:02:57 Rick Stockton wrote:
> On 07/10/2012 07:17 AM, Rick Stockton wrote:
> > It's awfully late for an API change to Qt5, but this would be an
> > awkward Backward Compatibility problem to attempt in later Qt5
> > Releases: Should Qt5 present a 32-bit Button State mask?
> Oops, that's WRONG. My initial "32 mouse buttons" updates already
> created 32 bit mask fields, because all of the Plugin, QPA and Mouse
> Button Event instances of Button Mask data are defined as
> Qt::MouseButtons datatype. The changes to copy ALL button State bits can
> therefore wait until a later 5.x Release (5.1, or whatever).
> But my main question 'Does KDE want this capability?' remains open.
> Please advise!
I think a general answer to that question is not possible. I can hardly 
imagine a use case for so many mouse buttons, but I can imagine new input 
devices coming up behaving like a mouse but not beeing a mouse.

So I would say that it would be a waste to not make use of what's possible.

Kind Regards
Martin Gräßlin
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