Does KDE Desktop want a full-width mouse/pointer Button State mask?

Rick Stockton rickstockton at
Wed Jul 11 18:02:57 BST 2012

On 07/10/2012 07:17 AM, Rick Stockton wrote:
> It's awfully late for an API change to Qt5, but this would be an 
> awkward Backward Compatibility problem to attempt in later Qt5 
> Releases: Should Qt5 present a 32-bit Button State mask?
Oops, that's WRONG. My initial "32 mouse buttons" updates already 
created 32 bit mask fields, because all of the Plugin, QPA and Mouse 
Button Event instances of Button Mask data are defined as 
Qt::MouseButtons datatype. The changes to copy ALL button State bits can 
therefore wait until a later 5.x Release (5.1, or whatever).

But my main question 'Does KDE want this capability?' remains open. 
Please advise!

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