Question about the shutdown dialog's reboot list implementation

Konstantinos Smanis konstantinos.smanis at
Fri Jul 6 14:17:50 BST 2012


I am working on a patch for bug #297209
( and couldn't help but
notice that since the Shutdown Dialog was QMLified, the code that
shows the reboot list (when long-clicking the Reboot button) has been
moved in the QML code of the theme
which means that every theme should duplicate this code. I have a
proper fix for the above mentioned bug written in C++ (generate a
proper QMenu with submenus) which applies perfectly on the 4.8 branch
(which is C++ only), so I was thinking maybe generate the menu in the
C++ part of the code and pass it on to the QML theme? Being a total
QML newbie I don't know if that's possible, plus after a quick search
I can't figure out how to implement submenus for the context menu in
QML (it uses a custom ContextMenu component).

I wouldn't like to dig in QML just for this and I think it makes more
sense if the list was centrally generated and not in every theme.
Still, if the code should reside in the theme, I would appreciate any
pointers as to how implement submenus in the context menu.

Konstantinos Smanis

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