more information in backtraces

Dominik Haumann dhaumann at
Thu Jul 5 14:39:33 BST 2012


in Kate, we have a (virtual) Cursor class:

class Cursor
  // public functions

    int m_line;
    int m_column

Unfortunately, in backtraces by Dr. Konqi we only get:
#11 0x00007f1c85128b2a in KateLayoutCache::updateViewCache (this=0x54db630, startPos=..., newViewLineCount=35, viewLinesScrolled=<optimized out>)

Here, startPos is a Cursor, but we cannot see its values.

It would help tremendously sometimes to know the line/column values. So
having "startPos=(4, 2)" instead of "startPos=...".

Is there any way to provide this feature to get better backtraces by
default in Dr. Konqi?

In gdb itslef, there are addons that already provide some pretty printing
through KDevelop: (file
Maybe this can be reused?


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