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Am 03.07.2012 14:00, schrieb Aurélien Gâteau:
> Le lundi 2 juillet 2012 07:01:06 Inge Wallin a écrit :
>> Now, the suggestion was to move to a wiki instead
>> Advantages: 1. Easier to find the documentation for potential
>> writers. 2. (Supposedly) easier to edit [Personally I'm not sure
>> that editing advanced wiki markup is easier than docbook]
>> Disadvantages: 1. Difficult to maintain different versions of the
>> documentation for different versions of the software. 2. Users
>> need to be online to view the documentation. I think that
>> calling this problem "vanishingly rare" is a very northern Europe
>> centric view. And even I who have excellent broadband often still
>> do work offline sometimes.
> Have it been considered to use a git-based wiki? Such a solution
> could make it possible to: - keep documentation within the code (or
> close enough) - web editing for people who are not familiar with
> git, offline editing for advanced users (or for when you want to
> write documentation offline) - branching the documentation to
> follow versions
> One could probably produce offline KHelpCenter-compatible
> documentation from it.
> I know at least one wiki which is git-based: Ikiwiki [1][2]. I have
> no idea if it can be adapted to our needs, but I think it is an
> approach worth looking at.
> [1]: [2]:

There is also gitit. But from what i can tell, they don't provide a
way to import content from mediawiki. And looking at the number of
pages our wikis have at this stage, this is a major drawback.
Additionally we will loose support for quite some plugins, most
notably the translate extension, which is integral part of this entire
discussion. So we would be back at manually copying the english
original and translating an entire page without being notified of
further changes to the original.
All that for the sake of using a commandline tool instead of a browser?

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