Using userbase for manuals

Aurélien Gâteau agateau at
Tue Jul 3 13:00:45 BST 2012

Le lundi 2 juillet 2012 07:01:06 Inge Wallin a écrit :
> Now, the suggestion was to move to a wiki instead
> Advantages:
> 1. Easier to find the documentation for potential writers.
> 2. (Supposedly) easier to edit [Personally I'm not sure that editing
> advanced wiki markup is easier than docbook]
> Disadvantages:
> 1. Difficult to maintain different versions of the documentation for
> different versions of the software.
> 2. Users need to be online to view the documentation. I think that calling
> this problem "vanishingly rare" is a very northern Europe centric view. And
> even I who have excellent broadband often still do work offline sometimes.

Have it been considered to use a git-based wiki? Such a solution could make it 
possible to:
- keep documentation within the code (or close enough)
- web editing for people who are not familiar with git, offline editing for 
advanced users (or for when you want to write documentation offline)
- branching the documentation to follow versions

One could probably produce offline KHelpCenter-compatible documentation from it.

I know at least one wiki which is git-based: Ikiwiki [1][2]. I have no idea if 
it can be adapted to our needs, but I think it is an approach worth looking 


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