hard-dep for Qt 4.8

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 23:18:27 GMT 2012

Am 24.01.2012, 23:59 Uhr, schrieb Boudewijn Rempt <boud at valdyas.org>:

> Yes, there's no difference. Try e.g. Choqok or Krita. First it shows a  
> gray rectangle, then hides it, then shows the main window (as a gray  
> rectangle) then paints the splash. This is new in Qt 4.8 and is not  
> dependent on the style.

Yupp, indeed looks broken on every style - it "somehow" works with the  
opengl graphicssystem.
Possibly processing related... *shrug*


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