Review Request: Fix FindXine.cmake to use pkg-config instead of xine-config

Rolf Eike Beer kde at
Thu Jan 5 13:15:12 GMT 2012

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> Review request for kdelibs.

If it is a CMake-related issue it's always a wise idea to explicitely add
Alex Neundorf as he is by default guilty of all CMake bugs ;) Alex,
explicitely added you to CC now. Are you on k-c-d?

> Description
> -------
> This is a gentoo downstream patch, see bug
> for cause.

While this patch may "just work", especially for 1.2, I don't like the way
it is done. The first question is: does the pkg-config approach also work
with 1.1.0 (as that is the minimum required version)?

And if yes: then please use the FindPkgConfig module instead of open
coding such things.


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