Can we please have an updated and confirmed working "build KDE from source as separate user"?

Mark markg85 at
Mon Jan 2 16:59:02 GMT 2012

On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 12:59 AM, Shaun Reich <shaun.reich at>wrote:

> Honestly, running a separate user for it just makes everything more a
> pain than it should be.The better way is to just run it under your
> user but use different environment variables when you want to run
> master apps. Your crash is likely caused by the fact that you
> attempted to run an application (Dolphin) from master, yet it was
> still using the $QTDIR from /usr/.., in other words probably too old.
> I just have a command, "runmaster" which switches the current shell to
> one that has all the environment vars setup to run a compiled
> application. This way I can have a stable desktop, and run and test
> things from master manually and whenever I want to.
> Actually, yes, I see that your QTDIR is pointing to /usr. That is
> incorrect for building from source.
> Truly, I recommend not going the separate user route, that's sort of
> why it's not well documented. Mostly because it shouldn't be
> fact, I even added it somewhere a long time ago saying that other
> methods are better than a separate user (no idea if it's there or not,
> some people go too crazy on wiki edits and don't preserve enough past
> info).
> That is completely the opposite of what was suggested to me in the last
few months of the kde svn days. Back then it was specifically suggested to
use a separate user for kde developing stuff. Don't know who suggested it.

I personally like to have it all as a separate user since then everything
is just at one place and i can test it as if i had the latest kde version.
either way, having your script would probably help a lot. Can you put it on
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