Changing HEAD in kdelibs.git

David Faure faure at
Mon Jan 2 10:18:09 GMT 2012

On Monday 02 January 2012 07:42:51 Eike Hein wrote:
> Does anyone object to sysadmin changing HEAD in
> kdelibs.git to point to the 4.8 branch, so that a
> simple clone of the repo results in a checkout of
> that branch?

No objection, as long as you remember to keep that up-to-date :-)

> With kdelibs master being outdated the master
> branches of our other modules may not build against
> it (e.g. kde-workspace currently won't build against
> kdelibs master)

Fixed this morning by merging 4.8 into master.

> and we have tons of outdated build
> documentation that makes no mention of master not
> being good enough. 

It is good enough again, no need to change the documentation.

The whole point of kdelibs master is that people (who just compile everything 
master) don't need to change their habits. If I hadn't been on vacations this 
merge would have happened faster :-)

> For that matter, even if someone
> had taken care to document the need to checkout 4.7
> after clone, I'm willing to bet it wouldn't have
> been updated now that plans have changed and we
> actually made a 4.8 branch (I just fixed the kde-
> src-build sample config because it hadn't been up-
> dated yet).

Right. kdelibs.git HEAD is pretty much the same though, someone would have to 
remember to update it (and only sysadmins can do so), while everyone can fix
kdesrc-build-sample. Anyway, we're nitpicking, it's not like this is going to 
happen much more in the future (maybe once, at most).

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