Can we please have an updated and confirmed working "build KDE from source as separate user"?

Mark markg85 at
Sun Jan 1 23:49:17 GMT 2012


The current kdesrc-build knowledgebase article is incomplete and missing
quite a few things to get everything working.
Asking this because today i, yet again, wasted a dozen hours getting KDE to
run from git under a separate user.

There isn't a good description for what needs to be placed in .bashrc and
.profile and/or .bash_profile.

Where i ended at this moment is the odd thing that dolphin (and all kde
apps) crash when i run them from the desktop : but
runs when running from the command line. I have everything in .profile: after a million relogs, a couple dozen times
removing my .config (thus also Trolltech.conf) and rebooting in case of
libs and configs still in memory..

Yeah, that gets frustrating after a few hours.

This is what the (to be created) wiki page should tell the user:
1 - the steps to create a new user
2 - setting up the environment (can't help there since my environment seems
to be wrong somewhere)
3 - setting up kdesrc-build
4 - building the minimum required apps to have KDE running (no games, edu
tools.. just the bare minimum with a working desktop environment)
5 - updating

All other related pages should be deleted or link to the new one to avoid
confusion like "which page do i need to have?".

I can write down step 1 :)

And please, if this is complete again.. PLEASE just keep it updated! It's
taking so much time right now to just get it running.
If you even get it running.

Kind regards and happy new year!
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