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Kevin Ottens ervin at
Wed Feb 29 23:10:03 GMT 2012

Hello all,

As you know, we're now having in a monthly rythm for the kdelibs splitting 
within the KDE Frameworks effort. And February was the first iteration of that 
new cycle. Also, since February ends tonight I thought it'd be a good idea to 
give a small head up and discuss a bit the needs for March.

I will try to break my tradition of long emails and try to keep this one short 
(we'll see if I succeed), if details are missing to you feel free to ask 

# February conclusion
In short:
We planned to complete 8 splits, we managed only 5 in the end, 3 got 

Longer story:
For this iteration we used the approach of "the maintainer of a framework 
leads the splitting". Turns out that some of the maintainers were less 
involved than expected in February (to make it clear: I'm not pointing fingers 
or complaining here, we all do that on our spare time and so availability 
varies greatly).
That lead me to jump the gun recently and split a couple myself (which is 
nice, I felt like I was only good to edit wikis and send emails lately). :-)

So the lucky five are: itemmodels, kdbusaddons, kplotting, solid and 

We found out sonnet to be still too much coupled with kdecore, so it got 
postponed to May. It'll clearly need more time to be completed and all issues 
around it cleared.

kauth and kcoreaddons are well under way, almost done really, but couldn't be 
fully completed in time so are scheduled to March.

In turn, idletime which was scheduled for March got postponed to April in 
order to not overload Dario who is following kauth already.

# March needs

February is behind us already... So what awaits us for March? Well, six 
frameworks are scheduled for March and the good news is: five are already in 
progress. We plan to have done by the end of March: kauth, kcoreaddons, 
kguiaddons, window management, color widgets and job widgets.

So we have people willing to do the splitting so far which is good. There's 
one slight problem though. We have no appointed maintainers for two of those 
frameworks: kguiaddons and color widgets.

If you want to become a maintainer of KDE Frameworks, here is your chance to 
step up and pick one of those two. Here we're looking not only for someone to 
help with the actual splitting, but also someone who will take a long term 
commitment toward the frameworks in question. Show your love for them. :-)

I think that's it for tonight, I could add more details all around in this 
email but that would probably be noise at that point... and remember I 
promised to keep it somewhat short. ;-)

Kévin Ottens,

KDAB - proud patron of KDE,
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