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Sat Feb 25 08:06:26 GMT 2012

On 02/22/12 20:41, David Faure wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 February 2012 16:15:45 Giorgos Tsiapaliwkas wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Toma's blog
>> post<http://www.omat.nl/2012/02/18/sysadmin-needs-help-with-bugzilla-instal
>> lation/>  inspired
>> me to send you this mail.
>> Right now our bugzilla is a mess. We have so many bug entries which we
>> can't handle.
>> Everyone is able to open a new bug, but only a few people are able to
>> triage them.
>> Most of the bugs are useless(duplicates and wishes). The true bugs are very
>> few and most
>> of them are being lost by the massive amount of open bugs.
>> With such a mess on the bugzilla we are not able to coordinate our work
>> using it.
>> Our projects have different needs, that's why they differ from each
>> other(ML etc).
>> Every project should be able to choose if everyone will be able to open a
>> new bug or not.
>> In case that a user finds a "true" bug, he can go to the project's irc and
>> to ask from someone to
>> open the new bug.
> Doesn't sound very open....
> The alternative is the opposite: allowing everyone to edit/move/close bugs.
> I'm told this is how some other projects do it, and they say it's working well
> in practice. He asked me why we don't do this, and the only reply I could come
> up with was the few cases where bugs turned into actual political flamewars;
> his answer was obviously "give rights to everyone, and remove rights when
> someone abuses them". This is also what we do for SVN/GIT, so why don't we do
> this for bugzilla? Presuming people are innocent upfront, rather than guilty
> ;)

I tend to think closing duplicate bugs and checking wish list issues can 
be done by a non-developer contributers. In which case there should be 
an option by which a particular user can be CCd to for a specific 
program(s). There should be an entry about this in the wiki pages also 

As of the current time, it appears that the real bugs ( there are a lot 
of them) gets eclipsed with too many duplicates, unnecessary feature 
requests and wrong info.

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