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Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 18:50:29 GMT 2012

Am 24.02.2012, 18:32 Uhr, schrieb Andras Mantia <amantia at kde.org>:

>  If you can moderate it, it means you have time and resource to do it,  
> so you
> could have done until now as well.
You cannot moderate bugzilla atm.

> (maybe Dr. Konqui is, but then you will also lose valid reports).
> Any other suggestion?
Regarding Dr. Konqi i stated before that blocking bugs against further  
auto attachments would help.
It would even help to not have Dr. Konqi spam "i did sth." into the bug.  
Mailing the CCs or even just assignees is entirely sufficient.
Blocking dupes against further action is another thing as it concentrates  
The rest is about janitorial stuff and a clearly communicated helpdesk  
entrance point for every user.

Leaving it to the user "what to do" and letting them run into a grumpy  
dev, asking him "how can i change colors" isn't fair towards them at all.

> Bug editing/cleaning up makes sense (still doesn't solve the ORIGINAL  
> noise, but indeed, you can clean it up)
The original noise will probably lower if users are confronted with  
striking informations for they will try to not explain everything again.
Esp. not start talking about unrelated stuff which randomly happened why  
they encountered a bug or they consider pot. related but has been ruled  
out before.

> the problem that you need to spend time to do that.
Yes, developers spend time on dealing with bugs. The problem is to waste  
the time on bugs instead of spending it.

> See above and my mail. IMO you can't avoid that with the userbase we  
> have.
> You have to live with it.
No, you don't. You try to get them important informations before they feel  
like reporting and channel them to the proper addresses during it.

> I'd skip this, as I don't want to categorize users. Certainly there are  
> some hard to deal with,
I don't blame them or find them esp. hard to deal with, but you've to face  
unexperienced users which more or less need help in getting a bug report  
in shape.
This is not possible w/o adding major and permanent noise atm.

>> This is not about the user being upset. That's the users problem ;-)
> Questionable. It is about an atmosphere problem in the community.
I was referring to them getting their emotions under control ;-)

> I'm all for a better tool, that's not a problem, but blaming the users  
> for reporting everything they have in mind is not a solution.
I didn't mean to say so at all. Rather blaming us for not helping them to  
help us helping them ;-)


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