First line support outside of (cf. Bugzilla discussion)

Luca Beltrame einar at
Fri Feb 24 11:37:14 GMT 2012

(please CC me, I'm not subscribed to k-c-d)

Hello everyone,

given the discussion going on with how to handle bug reports, I've seen a few 
mentions of first line support that would help reduce the number of improper 
bugs filed in

Well... the good news is that such a thing already exists, it's called ;)

It's already part of the workflow of some developers and there's a good number 
of users participating in the discussion. Also, thanks to our guru sayakb, we 
have also a "new post" guided wizard to help users post their question in the 
right subforum. 

How does that tie with the discussion at hand? Well, even if just for 
frameworks, the idea would be to add, like we have "Report a Bug..." in every 
application's help menu, an additional entry that would lead the user directly 
to or something like that. I understand that kdelibs is frozen 
at the moment so such a thing would need eventually to end up in frameworks, 
but I think it's a viable alternative.

Hopefully this way more reports would be diverted from, reducing 
the overload for developers and triagers alike.
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