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Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at kde.org
Fri Feb 24 18:33:58 GMT 2012

On Friday 24 February 2012 19:27:09 Sven Burmeister wrote:
> > yes, of course, we have to help the users. But they need to get a tool for
> > user support, not a tool for developer communication. We need a
> > first-level- support to help the users. Developers are the
> > third-level-support.
> I doubt that there are enough people for doing first-level support. Hence it
> falls back on the devs, at least on those areas where nobody else has the
> knowledge/time to do so.
I'd love to do first level support. But only in tools which are suited for 
first level support. I don't want to do first level support on bugzilla - it 
is just not suited for it.

If we get the user support out of bko, I'm happy to help and moderate the KWin 
subforum on forum.kde.org.
> If people who know how to get the info and what info is needed cannot be
> bothered to document and spread it, how are users or first-level supporters
> supposed to know and act? And how can those devs be surprised that their
> ratio of useless bug reports is high?
It's clearly a circle. Due to the fact that the ratio on bko is so bad, I 
don't have the time to help improving the first-level-support. Because first-
level-support is bad the ratio on bko is bad.

We have to break that circle. Getting the first-level-support out of bko will 
give the developers the time to work on preparing documents. It gives first-
level-supporters the possibility to demand those documents. I'm quite into my 
stuff and probably I'm not the best one to design first-level-support 
documents, but others could tell me which info they need.

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