bugzilla situation

Sven Burmeister sven.burmeister at gmx.net
Fri Feb 24 01:15:54 GMT 2012

Am Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012, 19:00:26 schrieb Martin Gräßlin:
> Personally I'm not sure whether the MeeGo bugzilla can be compared to
> the KDE one (technical oriented vs. user oriented). From my personal
> experience (KWin bugtracker is felt > 90 % a user support forum)

My claim is that most of that "user support" only ends-up in bugzilla because 
people did not get help somewhere else, e.g. because only developers are 
familiar enough with the code to understand the issue.

Most users do not like reporting bugs and thus ask somewhere else first – and 
only after that, if at all, they report an issue. The majority of users only 
complains about the buggy piece of software without reporting any issues. So 
only if they get no answer on IRC, a forum a mailinglist etc. they leave their 
issue with the developer at bugzilla to document it and wait for an answer.

Leaving the user without answer will not increase KDE's reputation. Thus the 
discussion should not be about how to restrict user access to bugzilla but 
rather how to help them before they feel the need to report at bugzilla. 
Filling out those forms is nothing users like to do.

> I would
> not allow users to edit/close all bugs. We have too many users who
> report bugs, get it set to WONTFIX/INVALID and just reopen it. If I now
> imagine that everyone would be allowed to do so...

If one wants users to keep reports up-to-date one should e.g. allow them to 
edit any bug report's version fields.


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