bugzilla situation

David Edmundson david at davidedmundson.co.uk
Thu Feb 23 16:57:16 GMT 2012

> First of all, the bugzilla is supposed to be a communication tool between the user and the developer.
Or is it?

If I understand Martin correctly, he wants bugzilla to be "a list of
things broken in my app", not a communication tool for every user who
wants to say something.

In KDE Telepathy we use bugzilla as a glorified TODO list which I
consult every time I need to check what I should spend my evening
doing. I personally am perfectly happy with users posting bugs we need
to fix, but get really annoyed at users posting completely mental
wishlist ideas without any sort of prior communication first or
filtering process. So our bugzilla is full of entries that we, as a
team, haven't agreed on implementing, rendering it extremely annoying
for our purposes.

I don't think this discussion of "how bugzilla should operate" can
really get anywhere until there's a consensus of "what is bugzilla
actually for?" as there are a range of different views.

I think each of the use cases of bugzilla needs to be addressed in
turn, identifying whether bugzilla is in fact the right place for that


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