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First of all, the bugzilla is supposed to be a communication tool between
the user and the developer.
And the fact that there are a lot of bug reports which are not "real", this
actually worse.And because of that
of that, the bugzilla has lost his usability. On the best case scenario,
5/10 bug reports are "real".

Also in a lot of bugs, users or even contributors, cannot find the real
cause of a bug. Imagine what will
happen if everyone has write access to the bugzilla.

Furthermore, in most of the bug reports, users are reporting them and then
they never look back to see what happened
with that bug. E.x. "Is it reproducible in the newest version of KDE?". And
based on that fact i guess that if there was
a bug that was very important, then they (the users) was going to contact
with that team through irc or using the ML.
So i guess that they can live with that...

Also each team of KDE has a different target group. And that is very
important, because:
For e.x. everyone is using the PLASMA and KWIN, and as a result of that the
target group is very big.
The reporter could be a developer,a contributor,an end user or a power
user. So in scale from 1 to 10,  a bug report take
3 or 5 or 7 etc. But on a team like the kdelibs, only contributors or
developers are reporting bugs. So there you know that
8/10 bug reports will be useful.

Nobody said that the bugzilla must be more "close".  That which has been
said, is that every user who is opening a bug report,
needs about 5-10 (max 15), to report a bug which is going to be 100% true.
but instead of that they skip almost everything and they
only write a very small description of the bug. So if they cannot spend 15
minutes of their life, then how do they expect from the developer
to spend half an hour  or even more to fix the bug... the 99% of KDE
developers, are volunteers, and each one of them has a different role on
For e.x., someone is a core developer, someone  is on release team or
someone else is a sysadmin and some others are taking critical decisions
about the feature of KDE. I don't think that neither of them was there
where he is now from it's first day of KDE. So in my opinion
some privileges must be earned, in order to be able to communicate better
and faster.

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