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Thu Feb 23 05:18:36 GMT 2012

"Martin Gräßlin" <mgraesslin at> schrieb:
>Am 22.02.2012 20:01, schrieb Kai-Uwe Behrmann:
>> Am 22.02.12, 09:38 -0800 schrieb Daniel Nicoletti:
>>> As Richard said Oyranos is doing all this by it self on the CPU so 
>>> it
>>> would act like a proxy between your application,
>>> and the window manager which sounds like killing performance.
>>> ( I might have misunderstood but I can't see any other way of doing 
>>> this)
>> Proxy are configurable by applications as usual.
>> Oyranos is used inside a Compiz plugin as the actual only desktop
>> colour server.
>> That does very power efficient and fast colour correction on the GPU
>> through GL shaders. Users can watch colour corrected animations,
>> movies and 3D scenes full screen with that.
>Just a short reminder that Compiz is no solution for the KDE Plasma 
>Workspaces, as
>a) our solution for window and compositing is KWin
>b) using Compiz means loss in core functionality provided by the KDE 
>Plasma Workspaces
>c) to my knowledge the plugin does not work with recent versions of 
>Compiz (aka Compiz++, Compiz 0.9)
>d) distributions are starting to drop Compiz
>e) Compiz development has been adjusted to only suit the Unity desktop 
>and has been proclaimed as dead on the Internet
>adding support to that in KWin should be fairly easy though I have no 
>clue about it and also no time for it.

We had recently a discussion on the wayland channel. The result does in effect simplify colour management for compositors. A KWin GSoC project was added to the OpenICC ideas page. Advice from KWin developers during such a project would be highly appreciated.

I blogged with some more details about the X Color Management protocol, which can be implemented inside KWin:

kind regards

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