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Wed Feb 22 16:55:33 GMT 2012

Am 22.02.12, 16:42 -0000 schrieb John Layt:
> On 22 Feb 2012 11:29, "Boudewijn Rempt" <boud at> wrote:
>> On Wednesday 22 February 2012 Feb, Nuno Pinheiro wrote:
>>> A Quarta, 22 de Fevereiro de 2012 10:46:53 Richard Hughes você escreveu:
>>>> First, I apologise about the cross posting. Please drop any list which
>>>> isn't relevant in your replies, and please also cc me as I'm not
>>>> subscribed to either list.
>>>> GNOME has been a color managed desktop by default for two releases
>>>> now, and I deliberately designed colord to have an open Freedesktop
>>>> DBus API that could be used by both desktops. Really, KDE just has to
>>>> include a KCM module to do the 6 things on this list and also perhaps
>>>> include a simple control center panel to configure it.
>>>> Basically, I need a KDE dude. Of course, I can help quite a lot and
>>>> mentor the project, but I’ve never really coded Qt or C++ in anger, so
>>>> to speak. If you’re interested, I could maybe even set up a Google
>>>> summer of code place as well, although I’d prefer it to be an existing
>>>> person familiar with the KDE community so there is some ongoing
>>>> maintainer.
>>>> If anybody is interested, let me know and I’ll set up a meeting and we
>>>> can talk and discuss details. Thanks.
>>>> Richard Hughes
>>> Use case here I want this :D, please guys help Richard. Yill make you
> free
>>> icons :D and mybe pay you a beer or 2.
>> While I agree that KDE needs colormanagement built-in, especially with
> artists moving to KDE (I get almost no bug reports for Krita from gnome
> users anymore, while that used to be the majority...) it's not like nothing
> has been done before for KDE:
>> Especially:
>> which are now, afaik, being used in OpenSUSE. There's quite a bit of
> contentiousness between around this topic, and I have to say, while I don't
> get the technical differences all the time, I do understand the friction I
> see happening on, e.g., the openicc mailing list.
>> With all the respect I feel for Richard, I do think that this is yet
> another of those technologies that get developed in splendid isolation for
> Gnome, forced upon the Linux world by Redhat, claimed to be a standard and
> which is then used to complain about KDE's lack of involvement yet again.
> It makes me feel a bit unhappy.
>> --
>> Boudewijn Rempt
> It's not a situation I understand or want, but the reality is we now have
> two competing colour management systems which are shipping in distro's.
> It's a situation I'll have to learn more about later from a Qt printing
> context, but for now rather than debate the rights and wrongs we need to
> think about supporting KDE users on Fedora, Red Hat, and any other distros
> that choose colord over oyranos.

Fedora packages Oyranos since years.

> All that is needed here right now, and all I believe Richard is asking help
> for, is for a KCM to configure colord. KDE is a community know for it's
> pragmatism and I think we need to be pragmatic here as it is not diverting
> significant resources or making deep changes, or expressing support for one
> or other solution.

An other approach is to put effort in bringing all Linux CMS'es to use
one common configuration DB. The format is agreed upon. I implemented some 
code to access it and want now to use that inside Oyranos. We have a 
OpenICC GSoC project to provide patches for all substancial CMS'es on 
Linux namely ArgyllCMS, Oyranos and colord:

> I believe Alex Fiestas has expressed an interest in the past in developing
> a KCM so he might be a good starting point.

kind regards

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