KCM Authorization (was: Re: Review Request: print-manager on kdereview)

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 21:08:13 BST 2012

Am 28.08.2012, 01:56 Uhr, schrieb Daniel Nicoletti <dantti12 at gmail.com>:

>> a) add an eventfilter on the application to suck all input events (for  
>> that
>> window) so clicking apply etc. isn't possible and the window also will  
>> not
>> receive close events
>> b) intercept sigterm and reject it as long as you're waiting for the  
>> async
>> return
> The main problem won't be fixed with this, a kquitapp will still crash
> the application.

Is kquitapp really the main problem?
You can hook onto aboutToQuit() and ensure to get rid of the external  
depends (SIGTERM the password dialog?) but i don't thinks it's possible to  
block exit(0) calls.

> (tho maybe b could work but to me seems quite complex...)
No. exit(0) does not raise(SIGTERM) or any signal - unfortunately (why  
kquitapp and exporting exit to dbus - let's say i'd not have done that)

Can you point to the troublesome code?
Atm i'm frankly not even sure whether the client or the password dialog  
should manage this (latter could do hardly more than either grab input and  
ensure it's not passed to the client or sigstop the client - but that does  
not prevent X11 event processing, they're queued and the client will  
process them as long as the queue did not get flushwiped on SIGCONT) -  
also this means that the client won't be able to process anything else  
interim (including dbus calls) - until it's continued, of course.


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