[RFC] Merging LightDM into KDE Workspaces (forwarded from plasma-devel)

Martin Sandsmark martin.sandsmark at kde.org
Mon Aug 27 23:25:10 BST 2012

On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 01:58:57PM +0100, David Edmundson wrote:
> Features LightDM-KDE has that KDM does not:
>  - Guest support login

What does the DM have to do with this?

>  - Ability to make customisations such as changing the background
> without having to edit XML

Isn't the kdm config file just a simple .ini file?

>  - An easy to use KCM

I could swear that KDM has a very nice KCM?

>  - Suspend when lid closed

Shouldn't acpid or whatever handle this before powerdevil kicks in anyways?
(For example if you close the lid before the DM launches).

>  - Active development

KDM has active development, I've fixed all bugs I found it in the last half
year or so. :-P

> Features KDM has that are still missing in LightDM-KDE
>  - ability to switch X sessions
>  - connect to remote XDMCP sessions
>  - Get hot new stuff/theme installer
>  - Ability to reboot into a different grub entry(not that that
> actually works for me)

How about automatic login and fingerprint reader support? I think those two
are the only "obscure" features I'd miss.

Martin Sandsmark

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