Review Request: in KUrlCompletion do not percent encode to make it human readable

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Fri Aug 24 17:01:31 BST 2012

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(Updated Aug. 24, 2012, 4:01 p.m.)

Review request for kdelibs, David Faure and Thiago Macieira.


according to Davids comment I changed the patch now so that instead of using QUrl::toPercentEncoding() I'm using now
KUrl::prettyUrl() to only encode the necessary characters and have the rest human readable.


when using konqueror and typing "man:" it starts to list possible entries which the kio_man slave generates.
However, konqueror displays percent encoded URLs, e.g. "man:%281%29/" instead of "man:(1)/", which is not human readable.
Also, there is some inconsistency in what konqueror shows in its completion list.
E.g. when typing "man:mklos" it shows "man:mklost%2Bfound" in the completion list,
but when I select this entry, the URL in the address line edit is changed and displays as
Even worse: when I now again type "man:mklos", I get 2 entries in the completion list
"man:mklost%2Bfound" and "man:mklost+found" (the one coming from the completion, the other from the history)
No matter which one I chose, the result in the address line edit is always the unencoded one, which - for a user - makes much more sense.

This patch removes the calls to make the matches percent encoded.
Why would I ever want to get a percent encoded string from a completer, which is about helping a human ?

This addresses bug 141157.

Diffs (updated)

  kio/kio/kurlcompletion.cpp 269fdc1 


Testing (updated)

man:, fish:, local dir /tmp and checking the completion in konqueror when using a dir e.g. named "some ö ä ü umlauts", "some file with#anchor" (this is a file literally named like this).
Tested also the case mentioned in bug #141157 with the zip ioslave


Martin Koller

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