Call for Projects: University Collaboration in Toulouse

Kevin Ottens ervin at
Thu Aug 16 11:12:12 BST 2012


As a reminder: I need to close the list of projects real soon now. If you did 
send me your proposal yet please do so NOW!

I'm especially looking at the ones who told me in private they wanted to 
participate but sent nothing. You know who you are. ;-)
Of course if you didn't contact me yet, you still can send me a proposal, I'll 
gladly add it to the list.


On Tuesday 07 August 2012 19:08:18 Kevin Ottens wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have very good news, if everything goes well, I will have the opportunity
> to setup student projects at the University in collaboration with KDE
> again! We had a one year hiatus, and I have to admit I miss those projects
> dearly, so it'd be nice to resume the effort... I'd quite some work ahead
> as its a reboot and not much of my previous efforts is left.
> Anyway, if you are part of a KDE team, and you'd like to get some help from
> a small team of students (not more than four or five) for a few months,
> here is your chance! The requirements on your side if you volunteer are the
> following: * Two mentors from your team (one will kind of play the customer
> to the students, the other one more on the technical mentoring side);
>  * A list of features the students would have to work on (not more than a
> dozen, not less than five).
> If you are interested, please contact me in private with the info mentionned
> above (mentors + feature list with some details). Don't wait! I'll finalize
> the list of chosen projects end of next week (and then push it to the
> university), and I might have a few questions for you before picking your
> proposal or not.
> Regards.
Kévin Ottens,

KDAB - proud patron of KDE,
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