[PATCH] KSecretsService Collection and Item property names

Kevin Krammer krammer at kde.org
Tue Aug 7 14:50:57 BST 2012

Hi Jakub,

thank you caring about our client implementation.
The macro usage looks a bit weird to me, but it is Valentin's call :)


On Sunday, 2012-08-05, Jakub Filak wrote:
> The current implementation of KSecretsService accepts property names of
> Collection and Item without interface name. The Secret Service API standard
> says "Specify the property names in full interface.Property form" [1]
> The form required by the standard:
> 	"org.freedesktop.Secret.Item.Label"
> The accepted form in KSecretsService:
> 	"Label"
> (gnome-keyring accepts the properties only in full interface form)
> The patch changes the accepted name form from single name form to full
> interface name form. The patch simply adds an interface prefix to each
> occurrence of a property name. (I used a helper macros because of DRY.)
> The patch applies to the files:
>  ksecretsserviced/frontend/secret/collection.cpp
>  ksecretsserviced/frontend/secret/service.cpp
>  ksecretsserviced/frontend/tests/servicetest.cpp
> Regards,
> Jakub
> [1] : http://standards.freedesktop.org/secret-service/re02.html

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