Moving kxmlrpcclient to kdelibs

George Kiagiadakis at
Sun Apr 29 18:52:13 BST 2012


As I am about to commit [1] for 4.9, I'd like to conclude with what to
do about the kxmlrpcclient library.

As discussed on that review request, it looks like a good idea to move
this library from kdepimlibs to kdelibs. Other options are to make
kde-runtime depend on kdepimlibs or bundle kxmlrpcclient together with
drkonqi. I personally agree with moving, since this library is
definitely useful for more than just PIM.

The problem I see is that kdelibs master is frozen for new features.
Can we make an exception for this? This cannot be done in the 4.8
branch, as it will affect dependencies and packaging in 4.8.4. Or
should this wait for frameworks? (in which case I guess no move will
be necessary...)

I volunteer of course to do the work.



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