Moving libsolid-hal to unmaintained?

Alex Fiestas afiestas at
Sun Apr 22 02:10:12 BST 2012

Hello everybody!

I'm doing some bug triage on libsolid (as well of some bug fixing) and I'm 
finding that most "nasty" bugs are fault of our HAL backend (or HAL itself).

I tried to build HAL and failed on it (easy fix though) but that made me 
realize that there is no point of me fixing HAL issues on Linux because nobody 
will actually use my fixes since I will be fixing bugs using HAL-Linux not 
HAL-bsd or HAL-XXX (where we have actual users of this backend).

So real question is, who is using libsolid-hal nowdays? 

Once we know the answer to that question I will:
-Make HAL backend option only available on those platforms.
-Move libsolid-hal either to unmaintained or to a new maintainer.

Even though I will be having more KDE time from now on, I don't see a reason 
why I shuold maintain this backend, I know how it works (ervin does as well) 
so if a new maintainer step up we can mentor and help him/her.

If nobody replies in a few days I will go ahead and move libsolid-hal to 

Also, in the extreme case that nobody cares about it (no platforms interested 
on HAL) I will remove the backend on frameworks branch and the backend will 
not be ported to libsolid2.

Cheers !

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