Shortcuts (WAS: [Development] api changes)

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Tue Apr 17 05:36:32 BST 2012

On Monday 16 April 2012 15:00:39 Rick Stockton wrote:
> I know that such a request is only "an optional suggestion" to the WM.
> Now, looking ahead: Do we want KWin (and maybe PLasma, as well) to
> continue "skip layers", going directly to xcb or wayland (or ??) in the
> same way we currently do a lot of X11 queries and commands directly? If
> so, then, I'll be less concerned about the API which Qt 5.x provides for
> KDE use.
Of course we will "skip layers" - everything else would result in a complete 
rewrite of KWin for Qt 5. I think I had it in a presentation once where I 
mentioned that I'm not interested in breaking the desktop and rewriting KWin 
would do so.

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