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Hi dE

On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 15:25, dE . <de.techno at> wrote:
> Apart from whatever's being discussed here, the testing phase should be
> publicized and called for testers (for e.g. the first page should talk about
> this and call for testing as a contribution).
> Instructions for testing on every popular distro should be given; we should
> go to each major distro's forum and publicize about this.

I totally agree with you, but keep in mind that beta releases will
give additional work to the distributions.

> Distros like arch, Gentoo etc... should be hot targets since they contain
> experienced and advanced users, administrators and developers (who are users
> in this case). They also tend to have a lot of patience with bugs.

Sorry to contradict you on that, my experience with both Arch and
Gentoo users is not the same, they have a lot of inexperienced users
who think of themselves as experts they simply aren't, and their
patience with bugs is close to zero. This experience comes from user
support in @amarok, @kde and the A distro's reputation
doesn't make their users experts automatically.

On the contrary, I think we should target mass-market distributions
like Fedora, Kubuntu and Opensuse in the same way, they have a much
bigger user base and most likely not less experts than Arch or Gentoo.

But back to the beta testing: to have efficient beta testing we need
to tell people what to test specifically and under what conditions,
else it's benefit is not very high, as some cases we see as important
are seen as corner cases by the testers and what the users thinks is
essentials is a corner case for us

So it is very important that we work out a list of what should be
tested and how.

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