Setting up a Quality Team within KDE

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Thu Apr 12 14:25:06 BST 2012

On 04/05/12 17:12, Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> Hi,
> We would like to setup a Quality Testing Team within KDE in order to 
> better test our next KDE SC and make the beta process more efficient.
> Attached is the first draft of the ideas I brainstormed. Source .odt 
> of this document is available at
> (We can make it a public Google doc if it is more convenient or an 
> etherpad).
> The document roughly describes 2 areas of action:
> - reinforcement (labelled "Reinforce") of existing structures (mainly 
> targetted to developers and mainly relevant before the beta stage of 
> the release). This could
> be used as guidelines for new developers. Of course it won't be 
> newbies which will develop Unit Tests or check the code quality. But 
> some guidelines can
> be useful for libs outside Frameworks.
> An area of relevant reinforcement that can be currently done is the 
> Review process for new integration.
> - new infra-structures: this is labelled "New" in the doc: this is 
> what I would see to happen for the 4.9 release.
> A new mailing list has been set up in order to discuss all this: 
> please subscribe to it if you would like to be part of this
> An IRC channel also was created on Freenode:
> #kde-quality
> Please join the mailing list and the IRC channel so we can setup a 
> plan to start putting all this in gear!
> Thanks in advance,
> Anne-Marie and Myriam

Apart from whatever's being discussed here, the testing phase should be 
publicized and called for testers (for e.g. the first page should talk 
about this and call for testing as a contribution).

Instructions for testing on every popular distro should be given; we 
should go to each major distro's forum and publicize about this.

Distros like arch, Gentoo etc... should be hot targets since they 
contain experienced and advanced users, administrators and developers 
(who are users in this case). They also tend to have a lot of patience 
with bugs.

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