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Giorgos Tsiapaliwkas terietor at
Sun Apr 8 19:45:34 BST 2012


Why we don't have in KDE a macro like,

if (application_is_in_debug_mode) {
//do some testing

Why we need a macro like that?

a. Giorgos added a feature which deletes a folder from dolphin. Without
this  macro in order Giorgos to
test it he needs,
-to create a dir
-remove the dir
-check if the remove was successful(this is the actual test)

but if we had this macro Giorgos would need to implement the last step.

c. we gain more time and it gets easier for contributors to add some
testing code.
A side note here, of course in vital libs only experienced developers
should write the unittests,
but in small applications contributors could also do the job.


P.S.: this macro could be enabled by adding in the cmake options something
like "enable_unittest"

Giorgos Tsiapaliwkas (terietor)
KDE Developer
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