Review Request: only install CMakeParseArguments.cmake for cmake versions that do not have it

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Sun Oct 23 19:24:40 BST 2011

On Sunday 23 October 2011, Ralf Jung wrote:
> Hi,
> > That's the problem.
> > CMP0017 should be set to NEW, and it is set to NEW in
> > FindKDE4Internal.cmake. So we need to find out why it is not set in this
> > case.
> Thanks for this hint! After some more debugging, I came up with attached
> patch against kde-workspace which also fixes the warning here (with
> vanilla kdelibs). It seems calling CMAKE_MINIMUM_REQUIRED reset the cmake
> policy, so the one set by FindKDE4 was not applied to this specific
> subdir. 

Yes, exactly.
From the cmake man page: "the command implicitly invokes 
  cmake_policy(VERSION major[.minor[.patch[.tweak]]])"

i.e. it resets any policies which have been set before.

> Actually I think the "FIND_PACKAGE (Qt4 REQUIRED)" in the same
> file can also be removed, since this is a KDE lib and the upper
> directories should also have checked for Qt... 

Yes, most probably.

> but I do not know why it was added.

I guess it was first developed as a standalone tool, where you have to do 
everything yourself, including searching for Qt4 etc., and then was added into 


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