Some help for recreating the Plasma Tool Box in QML

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at
Thu Oct 20 13:43:24 BST 2011

Someone finally found your email! ;-)

On Thursday, October 13, 2011 16:10:33 Mark wrote:
> * What is the current way to get the basic KDE SC running from Git?

> * What settings do i need to use?

Not sure what kind of settings you refer to ...

> * Which branches do i need for QML + KDE?

4.7 will be fine.

> * Where do i need to be for recreating the plasma tool box in QML?
> kdebase-workspace? 

Sounds like a workspace thing, I'd look there first.

> * How do i get a QML file running without the window
> decorations (the current plasma tool box doesn't have decorations so i
> guess i don't want them in QML either) 

It's not a separate window and lives on the canvas, no windecos anyway.

> * Target: KDE 4.8?

Depends, soft feature freeze is 27th October.

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