Some help for recreating the Plasma Tool Box in QML

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Thu Oct 13 15:10:33 BST 2011

On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 9:40 PM, Mark <markg85 at> wrote:

> Hi KDE folks,
> It's been a long while since i last actively contributed to the KDE
> project. Sadly having a job is sucking up way more time then i would like.
> In recent months I've started to experiment with QML and started to like
> it. Provided if i only use it for declaring the GUI. Not the app logic, that
> should stay in C++ imho. I tried some things with it and it certainly is
> cool and powerful but now i want to do something useful with it. And given
> that KDE is going towards QML anyways I though I could provide my help and
> start with something.
> The thing I'd like to do is recreate the plasma tool box thing (the one in
> the lower right corner of your panel). My first goal is to make it exactly
> the same as it is now just in QML. Once that is done and working the same as
> the current Plasma Tool Box then i want to add something to it. I want to
> add setting the background image in the plasma toolbox. It will look about
> the same as the current part for "Add Widgets..." only with wallpapers. I
> don't know if changing the desktop background from the plasma tool box is
> the best way but to me it seems to be more logical then in Desktop -> right
> mouse click -> Desktop Settings .. It's something i'd like to experiment
> with :)
> There are a few questions though. Since i'm directing my efforts in one
> specific area i really don't want to spend hours/days to figure the new
> build system out, figuring out which branches i need for what and where the
> QML files for KDE are hidden (some of them are made in the recently ended
> GSOC right?). So i would like to ask for some quick pointers to get me
> started.
> Note: i want to run the basic KDE SC environment with the default tools as
> a separate user all from git. There used to be a magnificent tutorial for
> that on the KDE wiki but that was the "old build style" even with SVN
> things.
> * What is the current way to get the basic KDE SC running from Git?
> * What settings do i need to use?
> * Which branches do i need for QML + KDE?
> * Where do i need to be for recreating the plasma tool box in QML?
> kdebase-workspace?
> * How do i get a QML file running without the window decorations (the
> current plasma tool box doesn't have decorations so i guess i don't want
> them in QML either)
> * Target: KDE 4.8?
> I think that covers about all my questions.
> Last but not least. Above is just my idea of what i'd like to do. I've not
> spend any time yet on making anything and don't know if anyone else is
> already working on this. I also don't know if this is a change people want..
> So some more information here would be nice.
> Kind regards and thanx in favor for any responses,
> Mark

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