Review Request: Proxy overhaul Part 6: Proxy Configuration dialog rewrite

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Tue Oct 18 07:53:56 BST 2011

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(Updated Oct. 18, 2011, 6:53 a.m.)

Review request for KDE Base Apps.


Removed a closed and unrelated bug report from the list.


This patch completely overhauls the proxy configuration dialog so that it is much simpler to use and maintain. The major difference between it and the old configuration dialog is the merging of the configuration dialogs for the different proxy types into the main proxy dialog and the addition of a new input for specifying SOCKS proxy settings. See the attached screenshots to see how the new dialog looks.

This addresses bugs 82352, 139789, 147340, 164460, 189019, 190149, 190901, 205594, 258196, and 283226.


  konqueror/settings/kio/CMakeLists.txt e5476c9 
  konqueror/settings/kio/envvarproxy.ui a09450d 
  konqueror/settings/kio/kenvvarproxydlg.h c7d2f5f 
  konqueror/settings/kio/kenvvarproxydlg.cpp ef5c86c 
  konqueror/settings/kio/kmanualproxydlg.h 4efa63c 
  konqueror/settings/kio/kmanualproxydlg.cpp 6760957 
  konqueror/settings/kio/kproxydlg.h b2cafb8 
  konqueror/settings/kio/kproxydlg.cpp 2f512ce 
  konqueror/settings/kio/kproxydlg.ui 96ff996 
  konqueror/settings/kio/kproxydlgbase.h 2047b90 
  konqueror/settings/kio/kproxydlgbase.cpp 9933698 
  konqueror/settings/kio/ksaveioconfig.h e895c2c 
  konqueror/settings/kio/ksaveioconfig.cpp 62852fa 
  konqueror/settings/kio/manualproxy.ui c69047f 



- Configure proxy through dialog and validate the results by checking the settings saved in $KDEHOME/share/config/kioslaverc.
- Reloading the proxy dialog to see the saved information is properly loaded back again.


No Proxy
PAC Proxy
System Proxy
Manual Proxy
Alternate dialog with all options visible


Dawit Alemayehu

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