Review Request: facePerm is a KDM option, unrelated to the user setting his face (for other apps)

Steven Sroka sroka.steven at
Thu Oct 13 23:27:45 BST 2011

>On 13 October 2011 16:53, Ralf Jung <ralfjung-e at> wrote:
> Hi,
>> No tabs, 4 spaces instead.
> Almost the complete main.cpp is using tabs currently (except for
> KCMUserAccount::decodeImgDrop, which uses 2 spaces) so I used it for the two
> lines I added. Is that okay, or am I supposed to use 4 spaces nevertheless?

It's up to the maintainer of the code to accept your code (and he
probably won't care about the coding style this time since every line
but the last two you added were _already_ using tabs and 2 spaces),
but why not use the astyle script to format the files, so everything
is correct?

Upload a new version of your patch but with only style changes.

> Kind regards,
> Ralf

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