[proposal] KSecretsService components moving from playground

Martin Koller kollix at aon.at
Thu Oct 13 21:28:32 BST 2011

On Wednesday, 12. October 2011 01:09:51 Valentin Rusu wrote:

> > I personally have been looking forward to KSecretsService and I like
> > the idea of leaving KSecretsService unused by default for now, but it
> > should at least be stressed to downstream to leave it off by default
> > and why you chose it to be off for this release, if you do decide to
> > implement it for 4.8. I assume there is a reason you decided to leave
> > it off by default?
> Yes, I decided that precisely to avoid pitfalls I saw when KDE 4 
> arrived. Let's put the code in for 4.8, voluntarily test it by 
> voluntarily checking that box, then put it on by default with the next 
> 2012 release.

What about adding a "warning" text at the checkbox, e.g. "(experimental)"
like with Linux kernel drivers when configuring
which makes the status clear and brave people only will try to activate it ?

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