More convenient text completion in KDE UIs

Jaroslaw Staniek staniek at
Tue Oct 4 21:25:11 BST 2011

Short version our kurl combo boxes are rather worse in completing than
than firefox's url combo because it
1. uses full text search for matches
2. highlights all the matches using bold


Anyone interested in implementing the generic completer [1.] and the
highlighting [2.] ?

More info:

[21:42] <jstaniek> ok kcompletion.cpp does not mention TRIE but it's TRIE
[21:54] <The_User> jstaniek: seems to be trie-based
[21:55] <jstaniek> ok, now to extend the question, I cannot find
implementation of firefox's url bar completion where matches are
marked in bold; do we have that? suffix tree would be needed too
[21:55] <jstaniek> (not prefix)
[21:55] <jstaniek> The_User: ?
[21:56] <The_User> hm?
[21:56] <The_User> what should be marked in bold?
[21:56] <jstaniek> matches, e.g. if you type 'goo' in url bar
[21:56] <jstaniek> you see www.<b>goo</b> or so
[21:57] <The_User> what should be the problem?
[21:57] <jstaniek> to implement this full text search?  no problem but
maybe there's already solution
[21:58] <The_User> ah, it does also work when typing “gle”?
[21:58] <jstaniek> yes
[21:58] <The_User> ah, I see
[21:58] <The_User> hm
[21:58] <jstaniek> also our kurl boxes with completion have no full
text search so if I have file my_girl.txt I cannot just type 'girl'
[21:59] <The_User> yes
[21:59] <jstaniek> this is more obvious and light solution thing than
any (otherwise nice but more 'advanced') nepomuk backends...
[22:03] <The_User> jstaniek: well, for fulltext data structures you
could use a trie, too
[22:03] <jstaniek> The_User: but suffix version I guess
[22:04] <The_User> jstaniek: why suffix?
[22:04] <jstaniek> The_User:
[22:05] <The_User> ah, yes
[22:05] <jstaniek>
[22:05] <The_User> exactly that one
[22:05] <The_User> I thought you mean like normal trie, but reversed
[22:05] <jstaniek> looks like nice task for someone
[22:10] <jstaniek> summing up, we're worse in kurl bars than firefox
[22:10] <jstaniek> the question is, who likes this challenge
[22:11] <The_User> it sounds like a nice task
[22:11] <jstaniek> The_User: indeed...

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