The future of Power Management - together with Activities

Dario Freddi drf54321 at
Sun Oct 2 23:14:29 BST 2011

Btw, I would like to leave the readers, mainly the two who are
accusing me of being a d**k, an exercise and count how many times the
following questions came up:

 -Ok but I cannot watch my videos anymore
 -I will not be able to configure my profiles anymore
 -Blahblah I want to do power management my own way

then count slowly to 10 before accusing me of not reading, because
apparently I am actually one of the few ones who´s doing that, and my
patience has a limit. And still I answered to everybody, and I got an
answer pretty much only when I was being harsh. Draw your conclusions.
So, for anybody who´s accusing me, remember we are in a community, and
even though I could have gone on just with my idea and nothing else, I
tried to get feedback in each way I could, but if that is the result,
I don´t think I am doing it again. I get enough mindless criticism,
flames and pseudo-technical bulls**t from random people, I would like
to have at least an informed discussion with fellow developers.

If you think power management is not your field, please don´t come up
with ¨strong opinions on stuff I don´t use¨  but just trust who´s
doing the job, like other people already said (see? we have other
arrogant bastards in the community) and like I DO DAILY WITH ALL OF
YOU. Or if you still want to be sure about something, read what has
been posted before and accept the fact that you might be misusing a
feature, like I can accept a suggestion or rethink about my opinions
if valid reasons are provided, it wouldn´t be the first time, as many
of you know. I have, for example, stated countless times that
brightness is the only setting which is going to affect power
management when you are working in front of a PC, and yet many people
are still trying to advocate against that, despite my long answers.

Instead, if you are knowledgeable about the issue and have valuable
feedback, it´s time to discuss. Now, can we please reset the
discussion to a decent mood and come up with VALID concerns about this
new feature? Thanks.

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